Absent with Leave Form

MDiv, MA, and MTS Students

Fill out the form below to declare your absence for up to two semesters.  Please note the following:

*By completing this form, the Registrar will be informed that you are taking a Leave of Absence.

*If you have already registered for the term, you are responsible for dropping your courses.

*You must pay any outstanding balance on your account.

*If after two semesters you do not register for courses, you must contact the Registrar or you will be considered as withdrawn from your program.  If you want to resume your studies at a later time, you would need to complete a reapplication process.

*If you’re deferring loan payments, you will need to resume payments if your absence exceeds 180 days in a calendar year.  Please contact the Director of Financial Aid about any scholarships or other aid you are receiving.

*The MDiv degree program and the MA professional degree programs must be completed within 10 years from your original start date.

*With a status of Leave of Absence,  you will not have access to facilities at Calvin College, such as the library and the athletic facilities.

*Student housing is not available to those on a Leave of Absence.


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