Rhetoric Center

The Rhetoric Center is located just off the Student Center in Office 106a. Office hours are posted on the sign by the office, including any last-minute changes in a given week due to the schedule of the tutors.

All Rhetoric Center services are free of charge but only to students currently enrolled at Calvin Theological Seminary full-time or part-time, on-site or distance, and in any degree program.  People not currently enrolled at CTS are not eligible for the complimentary Rhetoric Center services.

On Site Students: the Rhetoric Center will have tutors on site during the following hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm
  • Friday – no regular office hours

There is no cost to students for the services of the Rhetoric Center. The Seminary is grateful to the Jacob Eppinga Communications Fund for support of the Center.

All papers must be submitted in hard copy form, double-spaced. They will be returned to student mailboxes when they are completed. A submission form must be attached with the following information:

  • Name & Mailbox number:
  • Email:
  • Date needed (at least 3 days’ notice)
  • Course number and name:
    __ I need proof reading of this paper
    __ I need tutoring
    __ Other (describe)

Distance Students only: you may email your paper to the Rhetoric Center. The staff tutors will print your paper, make corrections, scan and email the paper back to you. Email your paper to: Rhetoric@calvinseminary.edu

Services: Proofreading:
The Rhetoric Center is available to proofread finished/completed papers, sermons or theses to correct errors in spelling, grammar and related matters. Students must observe the following guidelines:

Papers and Sermons: Any sermon or term paper 10 – 25 pages in length (roughly) should be submitted for proofreading no later than 3 days prior to the due date. Papers or sermons that are due in a day or two will not be returned in time to meet the assignment’s due date.

Major Theses (Th.M or Ph.D papers): Papers of more significant length (50 – 200+ pages) should be submitted for proofreading services not later than 1 week prior to the due date. For papers ~200 pages in length, 10 – 14 days prior to the due date would be appreciated.

Services: Tutoring:
The Rhetoric Center staff is available to help students with the development of papers and sermons in the areas of grammar, spelling, organization (thesis sentences, paragraphing, topic sentences, etc.) The tutors cannot help with the actual research or content of any given paper, sermon, or thesis, but they are available to help with structure and development as they relate to written style and rhetoric. If a student wishes to receive this kind of instruction and coaching in grammar and written style, this help should be sought early in the writing process, not when the paper is nearly completed.

If you have questions or concerns about the Rhetoric Center, please contact Professor Scott Hoezee (957-6085 or via email: seh6@calvinseminary.edu)