Applying for Financial Aid

The process of applying for financial aid is a simple one. Complete the Calvin Seminary Financial Aid and Scholarship Application and the FAFSA, sign your award letter and complete the entrance counseling. We strive to help students keep borrowing to a minimum by having all students reapply for aid each year, complete entrance counseling each year, evaluate and adjust their loan amounts each semester, and not packaging federal loans in our award letter. We believe that these steps help manage student debt.

Process Summary

1. Masters Level Programs: fill out required forms by the March 1 deadline in order to be considered for the first round of scholarships.    

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required form all US Citizens and permanent resident students applying for financial aid. Use our school code G02242.

All students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance as soon after January 1 as possible, and before the deadline of March 1.

2.  All returning students required to complete the Application for Financial Aid at Calvin Theological Seminary.

This application allows you to apply for all of our scholarships and institutional loan programs. The deadline for this application is March 1. Please be sure to select the correct application for your citizenship.

3.  Federal Stafford loans are processed through the Department of Education and certified by the financial aid office.  Instructions on how to apply for a federal loan can be found here. Once a student decides how much they would like to borrow from this loan they must inform the financial aid office and complete the estimated loan repayment calculator.  In order to keep student borrowing to a minimum, we do not include federal loans in the initial award letter. We encourage students to take the award letter that shows all institutional aid and use it to try and raise support from churches, classis and family. Once all other resources have been exhausted, the federal loan will be processed.

4. The scholarship committee meets in late March to award scholarship funds.
Our scholarship committee meets in late March and matches students with our named scholarships. This process takes place over several days and much care is taken to place students with the best scholarships. Students who are admitted by March 1 will be considered in the first round of awarding. They will receive a letter indicating awards in late March or early April.  Scholarships are awarded on criteria such as GPA, recommendations, musical abilities, denominational commitment, and vocational interests.

Students admitted after the March 1 deadline will be considered for second round scholarships.

5. Award letters must be signed and returned to the financial aid office in order to secure your awards.

6. Make sure to complete Entrance Counseling to finish your application.

If you have questions on any part of this process, please contact the financial aid office.