Maintenance Emergencies

Emergencies are those things which pose a health or safety threat to the resident, or extensive damage to the apartment, and consequently must be taken care of immediately.

Examples of emergencies are:

–          Overflowing toilets or sinks

–          Water flooding apartment

–          No electricity in entire apartment

–          No heat

–          Water leaking from ceilings

In the event of an emergency, please contact the housing office with the following options:

 –          Housing Office – 616-957-8618

–          *Email –

–          *24 hours access616-277-7204 – EMERGENCY ONLY

* Both email and the 24 hour phone number are the best ways to reach the housing manager.

Non-Emergency Repairs:

Fill out an online request form.  Please do not contact housing manager for non-emergencies.  The maintenance worker will process the requests as they come in.

Most repairs fall into this category and they are prioritized and responded to according to the following criteria:

Priority: Response is typically within 24 hours, or the next day service.  Requests are urgent, but circumstances are such that the problem can be temporarily secured by the resident until maintenance person can arrive.  Examples are:

  • A bucket under a leak
  • Water that can be shut off if overflowing
  • Low heat, but not low enough to be life-threatening

Routine:  Response time is about 5-7 days.  These requests require prompt attention, but do not pose an immediate life safety threat to the residents.  Examples are:

  • Closet doors off track
  • Electrical outlet not working
  • Cupboard doors hard to open and close


Backlogged: Response time can be up to six months.  These are items that need to be repaired but are not causing an inconvenience to the residents, or can be conveniently completed when an apartment is vacant.  Examples are:

  • Cracked or broken floor tiles or baseboards
  • Repairs needed for cosmetic reasons
  • Cracks or holes in drywall