Parking Permits & Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration and Parking on Campus

Register your vehicle here.

All motor vehicles parked on campus must be registered with Campus Safety.

Parking Permit Fees: (fees are charged to the student’s account)

  • First vehicle – $50.00
  • Second vehicle – $25.00
  • Spring semester only – $25.00
  • Late fee – $25.00 if applying after September 15th

A permanent parking permit (sticker) for an automobile must be fully affixed in the lower right (passenger side) corner of the windshield with its own adhesive backing.

Please contact Sarah Konynenbelt with any questions or concerns regarding parking permits at


The following fines will be levied for these offenses at the rate indicated:

  • No current parking permit $50.00
  • Permit improperly or not displayed; or parking in wrong lot $15.00
  • General parking fines $20.00
  • Handicapped parking $50.00
  • Disregarding stop sign $25.00
  • Moving violations $25.00 + additional assessments TBD*

* Factors that determine additional assessments are speed, recklessness or any damage done by the action of the vehicle/driver.

Students who reside off-campus and have valid seminary parking stickers may park in the upper seminary lot (Lot 11) adjacent to the East Beltline, the Prince Conference Center parking lot, and the west college parking lot off Burton Street, just west of the main college entrance.

Students who reside in the Burton St. seminary housing may not park in the on-campus seminary lot before 5:30pm.

Students may NOT park in lower parking lot adjacent to the seminary building.  These spaces are for faculty/staff parking only.

Students who remain in the seminary building after 2:00 a.m with a vehicle parked in the seminary lot must contact Campus Safety Dispatch at 526-6452 and provide their vehicle information to avoid ticketing.  There is no overnight parking in seminary lots. Regulations can be found here.

Non-student visitors can get a temporary visitor parking pass by registering their vehicle with Campus Safety here.